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Your truly: "I am"

Updated: May 26, 2022


Dialoguing with people from different cultures and religious beliefs I have found something in common, the differences that we establish between each other, which is naturally special in human beings. We have different tastes, customs and convictions, which makes us even more special as humanity. We could talk about these issues with great interest for hours and hours. The differences in art, music, sports, history, gastronomy, climate, beliefs. In short, everything that we are proud of and that we highlight from our countries, among these conversations, the "I am..." is heard countless times, followed by their nationality, creed, profession or occupation, descendants, etc., in every introduction of each person you hear that "I am ..." and from there a talk loaded with words, images, thoughts and assumptions that we make as we get to know more and more about that person is derived. Which is recorded in our consciousness, we record an image and make an assumption about that person. According to our beliefs, we filter what we hear and observe to create in our minds an idea which will be reproduced every time you hear or remember his name. You must observe how these "I am ..." also disappear as soon as the person is deprived of these "labels". That "I am…" changes depending on what the person possesses in terms of materialism, occupation, and status. And it's also anchored in assumptions we unconsciously make about ourselves and others.

But who are we really? Beyond the veil that covers our faces, our clothing and what we have been led to believe that we are or have, what essence do we carry within that identifies us with the creator?

Not having been properly educated and informed about the power of the decrees and assumptions of that "I am", we come to consider truths that are not for our convenience. We go through life decreeing through conversations with other people all kinds of discomforts. We assume and feel as our own: danger, illness, accidents, theft, lack, poverty, difficulty, betrayal, sacrifice, sorrow, how difficult life is, the good and the bad, etc. We easily "buy" any proposition that comes from outside, we assimilate it and record it in our subconscious without the least questioning, without realizing whether it suits us or not. Then when all that discomfort comes to reproduce itself in a life experience, we come to believe that it is the will or punishment of God, a God who is who knows where but not inside each one of us, because that is what the religious authorities have taught us, they go to sacred places or admire certain characters to be close to God, they believe that God communicates with a few in a special way, how could you be closer to your true essence when that is what you can consciously reach to experience? You do not need to look outside of yourself for your creator because he lives in you, -Luke 17:21- wherever you go is your sacred place because you are part of his essence, you are a spirit with the qualities and distinctions of God. If you decide to be a part of a certain religion, you must be aware of who you truly are first. I am amazed to observe how after the religious services on a Sunday, most people go back to being, assuming and decreeing all kinds of unpleasant things from which they precisely seek to get away without realizing that they are invoking more discomfort with their words, you just have to listen to their daily conversations.

-” And calling the multitude together, he said to them: Hear and understand it is not what enters the mouth that defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, that is what defiles man. Then the disciples came and said to him, "Do you know that the Pharisees were scandalized when they heard your words?" Matthew 15:10-12.

In my religious experience I can tell you that those teachings or interpretations of a creed about the gospel are of little or no use. In the pulpits of the churches, they preach about a different God than the one preached by Jesus Christ. That is why you can see how people immediately return to experience their discomforts just as they did before being in a church. As long as we lack the well-explained concept that God lives in each one of us and we are called to experience him through love, and that we have the power to create or change reality through our thoughts and imagination, we will be acting unconsciously and accepting manipulation and control of those whom we consider guides, but in reality, many of them act unknowingly against the divine message. How right Jesus Christ was when he stated, “Truly, truly, I say to you: whoever believes in me, the works that I do, he will also do; and even greater than him these he will do, because I am going to the Father.” John 14:12. More this is difficult to explain for someone who does not understand the symbology and concepts of the message in the gospels. If we keep leaving our experiences in the hands of others, in a power outside of ourselves, then we will continue through life without a fixed course, reaping unknown fruits before our desires. There will be discord between what we want and what we will receive.

Many of these religious leaders have the idea of ​​a kingdom of heaven outside of who we really are, something that is far away or in a distant place. They lack the concept of sin, punishment, and the will of God, yet their erroneous interpretations have been the guide and only truth for billions of people throughout time. Causing more confusion and discomfort. Then, -” He also told them a parable: Can a blind man lead another blind man? Will they not both fall into a hole? Luke 6:39. Be careful what you are believing because you may be creating an erroneous image about God and his kingdom, -” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, hypocrites! You close the kingdom of heaven to others, and you neither enter nor allow those who try to enter.” Matthew 23:13. Being able to understand the message of the scriptures correctly leads you to harmonize your interior, to cleanse your beliefs and the power that you can consciously put into practice for your own good and the good of those around you. Harmonizing your interior begins by decreeing what you want and feeling it in the present tense as a fact fulfilled as a request delivered, -"And everything you ask for in prayer, believing, you will receive". Matthew 21:22.

Returning to the concept of what we assume to be, there is still something deeper that very few dare to share with others and even with themselves, their true identity. Who you really are? I'm not talking about those limits or distinctions that we make between each other, nor am I referring to social status or religious creed, none of that. I am referring to the idea that you consciously have of yourself based on the essence of what you really are. If that idea makes you feel uncomfortable or upset and has been conditioned for a long time by things that happened in the past, let me tell you that it can always be overcome and changed. Example, it could be that once you couldn't do something, not because you couldn't, perhaps many factors contributed to things not happening as you wanted, but your idea or concept was "not being able", and you thought so. Someone may have called you shy or insecure, you believed it that way, and in some situations, it stands out within you: "I'm insecure, I can't make it". It is a limiting belief because everything based on our five senses that stops us from achieving our dreams is limiting. What we ignore is that telling ourselves "I am insecure" is a very powerful decree that will do just enough to prove to you that you really are insecure, although insecurity is not yet fully defined by those who diagnose it. Your five senses are limited to your inner being, he is the one who has no limit, your concept of yourself may be limited, but your inner being is NOT. Even more, it obeys what you want to call yourself: “I am insecure, incapable, a bad student, unfaithful, poor, slow, weak, nervous, etc., without question! And hence everything you propose you put before the dangerous condition of your concept of yourself. Many of our projects are predestined when we carry limiting ideas about: "who I am", because of that we collect unwanted fruits regardless of the effort that is made, because your inner being which vibrates and attracts similar vibrations is responsible for attracting and placing you in what you believe about yourself. In the same way when that "I am" is powerful within you, it always places you as if by magic before the necessary possibilities to achieve what you want. We can see how people are true magnets to attract so much without doing much, while others try a lot to achieve little, and many others do not try because their internal idea of ​​themselves is too limited.

Dear reader, all this has its origin within us, but it is very difficult for us to understand and accept it. It has been the oldest teaching, this knowledge exists before any religious creed existed, and even so it is difficult for us to open that hidden dimension in each one of us. A divine messiah has been sent to us to give us an even clearer example and with powerful facts in evidence and understanding. You and I are that evidence, our experiences are clear evidence, but we may not yet reach that understanding necessary to interpret and live the power of our "I am".

My classes are based on the interpretation of the sacred scriptures, I have dedicated a lot of time in teaching within a religion and that experience has helped me to ask myself very important questions which could not be answered clearly from a religious creed. My curiosity led me to go further, I searched and searched and went finding answers and reasoning from great masters, who, like me at one point in their lives, decided to go beyond a creed in order to get closer to the essence of what we truly are.

In this life experience we must fulfill a mission, that does not mean that we all do it, -"many are called, and few are chosen" Matthew 22:14. We are all called, but not all of us allow ourselves to be chosen. You have already been called, -could you give up everything that bothers and disturbs you and be "reborn" into what you wish to be or have without letting your current experience distract you? -"Jesus answered and said to him, Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" John 3:3. Who really transmits those words to you? Jesus Christ. And who is he? -” Jesus said to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6. That power manifests itself in a clear and powerful way. It is always present in you, but you must be aware that this power has two poles, love and fear.

True love is guided by faith.

Faith is the certainty of what we expect, and consciously use is the feeling that only good things will happen for the harmonious evolution of God's creation. This couple of love and faith does not understand human reasons because it goes beyond appearances, logic and experiences. It is unconditional and transparent. Don't know the fear, because it is the essence of creation, it is the core of the visible and invisible. It doesn't know about doubts or the impossible, it is in every atom of the universe. It harmonizes all creation, from our body to the cosmos. The faith that guides you is more than what we understand by faith until now, this faith is the intention and information present in the energy that organizes each step of everything that exists, from the invisible to the visible. The easiest example to expose is that of the seed. When you plant a seed in the dark moisture of the earth, it germinates to grow and bear fruit. It does not know of doubts or fears, it only fully expresses its essence of being what it is. Our essence is even more powerful as we have been given the power to imagine (create thoughts and feelings) and speak. But even so, many do not manage to express what they would like to be or have, worse still, they experience the opposite of a full and abundant life. Where is that error?... The explanation that God wanted to give us with the coming of Jesus Christ to save us from sin seems to be only understood by very few. That message has been used to manipulate and control millions of people who have come to believe whatever a religious creed establishes and without questioning whether that is beneficial or not, mentioned above in the first paragraph. If you belong to any of them I want you to know that I am not criticizing or saying that it is bad or good, each one simply expresses their idea of ​​what it is and that is also part of creation, I just want you to be aware of what beliefs are appropriate and which ones are not, so that you can receive the information in the clearest way possible to evolve in harmony in pursuit of our mission in this life. We always learn something from others and they from us if we are attentive and observe. It is clearer that the concept of faith is very confused by religions, because although many people receive miracles in their prayers, they do not know exactly the origin or cause of that miracle and therefore attribute it to a power alien to them. The message of Jesus Christ, which is to save us from sin*, is addressed to that power that within us can be consciously directed to manifest much of what we call miracles, you just need to believe that it is, and it will be. -” Jesus said to them: I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he is dead, he will live” John 11:25. How can we put that message into practice? It is the symbolic explanation that leads us to transform a discomfort from the inert state to what we would like to achieve instead. You do not have to die physically to live in heaven, what you do have to do is completely renounce or “die” to your current state and detach your attention from it until you reach the joy and the feeling of what you would like to experience. For that you must go into meditation and pray -situate yourself- in what you want as a request that has already been given to you. Depending on your strength of conviction will also be the period of time and how your desire will manifest. How? and, when? ...that's God's business and not yours. You may need a prayer, image or religious object in this practice but believe me it is your faith to be able to achieve it who ultimately manifests your desire. Jesus Christ who was able to defeat death and resurrect to a higher state, to a dimension contrary to discomfort, gives us the power to do it too, but you must believe more in him than in your reality, believe in what you really want and not in your five senses and it is there where most of us fail. For most of us to give up what we call reality as the only reality is almost impossible. We ignore that everything has a cause and effect, we believe that the effect has no origin or root and therefore it is difficult for us to believe that we are the ones who originate so many unpleasant things that happen to us. That is why in John 3:3, Jesus Christ calls us to die and be born again, to leave behind that misconception and be reborn in truth. Well, as he says so well, the truth will set us free. What is that truth? Well, your internal reality from where you can through imagination -thoughts and feelings- create everything you want. You must fulfill in everything you want a single condition: the golden rule -"do not feel that they do to others what you would not like them to do to you, and do not feel that they do to you what you would never do to others" If you meet that requirement, you just have to be aware that what you wish for yourself is also wished for others.

The feeling is either positive or negative, when it comes from faith it is positive, it makes you feel good because it places you in what you want, it makes you assume desire in its correct use as an existing fact in your life, you could imagine how you would feel right now if one of your greatest wishes had already been fulfilled? Meditate for a moment, close your eyes and reach that feeling, you can remember when you received something from someone that you were looking forward to, how did you feel? Now take that feeling to something you haven't received yet, how do you feel? Imagine and wait. How good does it feel, right? That is why feeling is the greatest plea we can make to God. When you experience that way of praying and achieve the feeling that you would feel if you already were or had what you wanted then you have raised your desire to the divine level, and God has begun the process of objectively creating that desire. -Perhaps you have done it without realizing it but creating unpleasant things, since many times we feel what we do not want to happen, when hearing from others bad news, gossip, dangers, accidents, envy, resentment, grudges, criticism, anger, quarrels, you are unconsciously causing a feeling of discomfort that stays inside you causing a series of physical and mental disorders, bringing something similar into manifestation in your objective reality or experiencing a suffering- There you have an answer to that question that so many people repeat and repeat: how does God allow these things to happen? It is not God, it is the feeling, the feeling of thousands of people is in a state of fear, fearing this and that and they spend whole day and days thinking and feeling precisely what they would like to avoid, they make prayers hundreds of times and then say to the four winds that their prayers are not answered, that they surely lack faith, that it must be a punishment. And it is that you must know that God has established laws in his creation and those laws are not for some and not others, or some are more special than others, none of that! Those laws have the same pattern of any physical law, they are impersonal and immutable. The crime is on our part by ignoring the Law of God. Jesus Christ is the clear example when, in addition to constantly appealing to the treatment between one another -"do not feel that they do to others what you would not like them to do to you, and do not feel that they do to you what you never you would do to others”, also makes it very clear that life is an exchange with creation, it is a constant giving and receiving. But you must be aware that you project that giving from within and that is how you will receive. Your actions are conditioned by your feelings and these in turn by your thoughts and these in turn by your beliefs, and your beliefs are the product of what you assume to be true, what many of us do not know is that these assumptions do not need anything of the help of what we call reality, in other words to believe in something to plant that seed you just have to believe, you don't need any other proof, that's what Jesus Christ wants from you. Your five senses are left over in this process, -"blessed are those who believe without having seen" John 20:29. Do you know how many beliefs you have stored in your inner being without having the slightest proof of it? You shudder to learn that most of these beliefs are limiting, not beneficial in any way, but they came to your ears precisely from someone you thought was important or authoritative. Again, you saw the word "believed" and again perhaps you did it without having any proof other than... it's what everyone does, right? Well, only a very small percentage of people act consciously under the Law of God, and I am sure that all those limiting beliefs came from the other percentage, from those who wonder things they do not understand and from those who have put the kingdom of heaven against man. Again remember that being aware of what you want does not require the intervention of your five senses. You must "die" to them you cannot be solving your desire through what you see and hear, because your desires are gifts from God and his kingdom is not of this world - "My kingdom is not of this world.." John 18:36 . We have assumed such a misunderstanding about the drama of the scriptures that we can read many passages hundreds of times without realizing their real meaning. Now, understanding the concept of faith, believing and feeling what we consciously imagine, you can then begin an examination of conscience to analyze where your attention is most of the time: In what do you want to happen? In what brings you closer to your goals? In the common good? In your well-being and that of the whole world? In health? In abundance? In peace? In compassion? In the realization and enjoyment of your desires? Your attention is a magnet, it is your tuning and must be at the level of what you consciously want and not what causes you discomfort, fear and sadness. Jesus Christ is the clearest example that everything can be overcome and transformed into glory, but we must know how to follow him, -” Then Jesus said to his disciples: If anyone wants to come after me, deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me” Matthew 16:24. You must give up everything that causes you discomfort, from your inner being, because from there you have projected it, you must banish the idea of ​​what until now you think you are and assume who you really want to be. That idea of ​​what you would like to be now becomes the burden that you must carry until you die "nailed" to it, adhere to it, and be one thing with it, until you completely get rid of the old idea that caused you discomfort and assume or be born. to your "new life". That's when you give all your trust in God, now you just have to wait for the answer of salvation from him. Do you know what it would be like to continue the journey knowing that through Christ you have relinquished your discomfort and eagerly await your resurrection to your desired state? Would you have the faith to act in this way? Could you act with the belief that what you have conceived through your imagination is a reality on its way to manifest? I can assure you that it is. Jesus Christ not only believes that it is so, but he himself calls you so that if you want to be his follower, not only can you do it, but you must do it. I am not telling you that it is easy but remember that for God there are no impossible things. "Jesus said to him: If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes." Mark 9:23. Remember, dear reader, that we should not hesitate when we call ourselves followers of Jesus Christ, I mean that it is a very serious decision and it must be final, even if what happens out there torments you, scares you, worries you, you should not let yourself be defeated because your confidence it is in God, and as such you must know how to handle those unpleasant circumstances in a better way every time. In one of my classes I talked to one of my students who is very easily tormented by things that cannot be controlled, bad news, gossip and slander especially. I insisted on our internal power, to know how to interpret what happens and I said her that she must be attentive next time, to be here and now, and I asked her this question for when something unpleasant crosses our ears: faced with this that is happening, what would Jesus Christ do? We are on one side or the other but we cannot be on both sides and call ourselves followers of him. -”No one can serve two masters at the same time..” Matthew 6:24. May you be one of those people who do not need others solutions or what the world offers to feel safe, because your faith is not of this world. The majority of people, when everything in which they place their faith is taken away - material, titles, belongings, recipes, bank accounts, jobs - are left completely defenseless and submerged in the deepest of fears. Within you is the only power and there is no other than him.

Fear is guided by doubt,

The opposite of faith is fear, but just as powerful. Both (faith and fear) are the cause of the pleasant and the unpleasant that we experience. When you let negative things from your environment through thoughts to enter your mind, you are exposed, even if you do not want to, to act from fear and that is where doubt is born. Doubt is the greatest enemy of your inner being. When it establishes its kingdom within you, you are subject to all kinds of discomfort. Out of doubt, humans do incredible things, make efforts without measure, make extreme decisions, rush their plans, run after things without any consideration, and you know what's the worst? They call all that: sacrifices, it's worth it, to see if it suits me, to see if luck is with me, and other nonsense things that you hear out there when a person either tries to avoid something in which he has deposited all his fear, or is trying to achieve something through uncontrolled and anxious desire of his five senses, either by infinites reasons: power, envy, rage, pride, arrogance, greed, mistreatment, abuse, appearances, distrust, cruelty, fear and doubt precisely. In short, it is to be a follower of worldly power, only to achieve a false security or status, which disappears at the same time that everything else disappears. It's breaking the golden rule -"don't feel like they do to others what you wouldn't want them to do to you, and don't feel like they do to you what you would never do to others". It is preaching against the message of Jesus. We can observe it everywhere we go, with all kinds of behaviors and beliefs. The human being always acts defensively when fear is his guide, he goes to places or participates in certain assemblies because if he does not do so he fears punishment or something bad may happen. The fear of God has been so badly taught by religious creeds that most people do everything their religious guides tell them to do, in order to avoid something unpleasant, without knowing that the feeling is precisely that! Avoid feeling what they would feel from the state of fear, which will only produce experiences that confirm that feeling of fear. You understand? It is like a chain, a circle. Let's see, you take action from the feeling of fear, you follow a belief because otherwise they have made you believe that if you do not do it you are not a believer, or you will not be saved, it does not matter if there is proof of it or not, you act with fear, you think that you are being obedient for acting like this, you receive what your feeling emits, which is fear of avoiding facing punishment or an experience for which you will feel sorry, do you know where you stand? At the door of receiving what you feel, because unconsciously you try to get away or avoid being there, that is, you are decreeing that you are there, and therefore what do you attract: an experience to feel sorry for! And again the chain repeats. And so we go through life over and over again. And we believe that this is obeying the will of God. The fault is in the feeling, the feeling product of not knowing how to feel consciously, which is in turn the result of ignoring the Law of God. In this way we cultivate, care for and let fear grow without realizing it at all. And we go back to the starting point again and again, and the equation repeats itself, and repeats itself for generations upon generations. And we continue with the excuse of the fear of God.

The fear of God is knowing consciously that without that power we are nothing, that without understanding and experiencing his true laws we are nothing, that ignoring that his power is the only way to contribute to the harmonious evolution of creation is to create destruction, and therefore we will be part of that destruction. To fear God is to know that everything has a cause and an effect, that love is the cause of all the best that can happen to us, that to be absent from it is to consciously stick to discomfort. To ignore his Law is to feel cold when you want to be warm, therefore you know that you have distanced yourself from him, that you have trusted more in what you think you know and in your conditioning or those of others than in his word. Therefore, acting consciously ignoring his Law and clinging to arrogance and pride is the opposite of being poor in spirit, the poor in spirit knows that his spirit without that divine harmony * is empty. Even more, you must know that this God is within you, he is the one who makes you imagine and feel everything you imagine and feel. You must experience it as such, and use it to your advantage, imagining and feeling everything that fills your heart with joy, peace and joy, for yourself and for others. Therefore everyone who knows him can never fear him, they can only seek him and obey him. Would you seek and obey something that your five senses cannot do? In several parables, Jesus symbolically explains to us the enormous danger of living trusting what your five senses say. That distrust we are talking about has nothing to do with knowing how to use those senses to perform tasks and enjoy your existence, because that is what they are for. When we talk about not trusting your five senses, I mean not letting them, which are anchored in reality, spoil any desire of your heart, not getting between you and the feeling of what you want. Well, your desire comes from a power outside this world and if you consult with your five senses about how and when such a thing will happen, surely, they will deny that such a thing is capable of being done. On the contrary, they have the tendency to lead you to take action from doubt, because they are denying your desire, and there is no worse thing for a person than to live in doubt that what they want, they are sensing that perhaps it will never come true and how not you can see it to believe so we don't believe in what God is capable of, complicated? It's not, we just haven't realized it yet, we live so busy and focused on being realistic that we close the door to whoever is closest to us thane our hands and feet. If you fully want to believe and decide to follow him, you must act from faith, from the joy in the present tense of feeling what you cannot see now.

Don't try to disrupt the process by untimely resorting to actions that will only create physical decay, stress, anxiety, and worry. Rather take time to meditate, imagine and feel what you want. Learn to listen to your heart, it is the center of intuition and wisdom, it never fails. Harmonize your interior with powerful beliefs and feelings of greatness, try to deny doubt and follow your desires with the certainty that you will receive them or something better. It makes me curious to see how many people who declare themselves to be believers run like crazy after solutions without first going to the true and only power. Where is that faith that they say they have? Remember once again friend that the feeling of having to do something to avoid something else is to attract that something else. That is acting with fear and not with faith. It is the opposite of what Jesus Christ is for you to be too.

This is the introduction to the program: Your true "I AM".

Written by Noel Jimenez,

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