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To Pray to God or to say a prayer.

Definitely both terms are very frequent in our vocabulary. We would even say that it is almost the same, we may even think we have a clear idea when we hear or refer to one or the other. In this small introduction we will try to enter into something deeper that will take us from what we do unconsciously to take control, and in a very attentive way direct our prayers towards what we truly want. We must stop acting in an uncontrolled way which creates situations and experiences that are also out of control. In other words, if you are not attentive to your prayers or daily assumptions at all times, then you may be experiencing discomfort in your life, remember that what we sow is what we reap, whether your sowing is of your knowledge or it will not, always bear fruit, it is a law, the law of giving and receiving. We are surprised when that fruit is not to our liking. We will learn how to be more aware and more attentive when the "weed" or negative mental influences seek to threaten our internal harmony.

First, we will make a clarification on both terms. Praying a “prayer” requires that you know and remember what you are going to recite, many times we remember many prayers, but we almost never have knowledge of them. We may know how to recite many "prayers", but we do not necessarily know their origin, author or the intention with which they were written. It is well known that the Our Father that we were taught from childhood is the prayer that is also present in the scriptures. More than that, most of all those prayers that you know are authored by many people throughout history. Our Father has its very precise symbolic interpretation of how we should address God, moreover it is repeated and repeated by millions of people and that does not mean that they really know the meaning of what they say. We fall again into the unconscious act of not knowing how to pray but knowing how to say a “prayer”, praying is reciting a verse or several with a specific mental intention, plus the intention needs a wish, because the wish is the reason why we direct those prayers to some power that should answer us with what we ask. This is where we must be careful because the belief that our prayers should be answered has created in many people an idea and image of God very different from that of the true God.

Hundreds of people get tired or persist in their prayers without obtaining what they want, although they claim to have faith at all times, they persist in this practice to often get the opposite of what they ask for in worse cases. We must learn correctly what it is to pray with faith, if we do not know how to do it, we will be in that group of millions of people who pray and pray but are divided between what they want and what they really believe they have received. And even worse, many times our prayers are the contradiction to what we feel, and do you know who wins the request between what you ask verbally and what you ask emotionally? YOUR FEELING! Your feeling is the reflection of where you are, where you stand, of what you have assumed to be true. Example, you are sad because of something that someone said, you feel bad, and your mind has created endless deductions to verify that that person not only meant what he said to you but that he was even perhaps right, and many other people could be giving the same opinion. Believing that and assuming that is the case that makes you feel sad. It doesn't matter if it is in your control to assume the opposite and from there change your feeling and ignore the gossip and criticism of others who only seek to inconvenience you. If you would only realize that nothing others say can harm you, unless you give your consent for them to do so then you could easily let those words go in one ear and fly out the other. But by not being aware of it, we get stuck in that feeling and that feeling of sadness becomes your request and as long as you persist in that feeling you will be increasingly sad and experiencing situations and experiences that reinforce your sadness. As you can see, the feeling always exceeds what you say you want from your lips outward. Until you place yourself in the feeling of what you want, you will not be able to create or receive from God what you want. We must be very careful because an undisciplined mind that acts without realizing it or unconsciously is attacked and manipulated very easily by all the other minds that act in this way, they let all kinds of toxic waste enter their consciousness without the slightest knowledge that it creates a feeling, a feeling that inevitably turns into a request and a request that inevitably turns into a manifestation. All this happens in hundreds of thousands of people while they recite their prayers. It would be great if they had already harmonized their internal kingdom. But most ask or pray with total doubt and that what they ask for is in the hands of a being alien to them , or, even worse, that God grants them prayers to some and not to others, and that many times what we ask for is of little convenience for what they themselves interpret as salvation. If you understand, you can imagine the enormous confusion and contradiction that these minds carry inside, in this way the desired destination is never reached. It is the same as ordering an article online and changing the order every minute, you will probably lose the energy of your computer and you already know that you will never receive what you order because apart from the fact that you have not made up your mind your feelings are submerged in doubt and confusion, the doubt is the sister of fear and both are the opposite pole of love and faith which are the path to the manifestation of all your good and abundant desires. So, praying a “prayer” can be done by anyone, it is reciting something through reading or memory, and it does not always reflect what that person feels or believes, only they know in their heart if their words are truly a reflection of what they have already assumed to be true or not. He may seriously affirm that he is praying with faith, but he may also be absent from his true beliefs and feelings since these are very well kept in the subconscious, and therefore by not doing the work of reviewing them often they end up being demonstrated through the manifestation of events and experiences in our lives, so it is of the utmost importance to review your beliefs often to ensure that we have the right inventory of “weapons” to win in life. It is the same as a store manager who often checks out that only what is sold in his store is stored in his warehouse to be successful and productive in his work, lest he never know what has been stored in his warehouse and one day his store is bankrupt and full of unwanted things that nobody wants to buy. Pay close attention and properly review your beliefs often, then rectify your feelings towards love, happiness and harmony, be grateful and bless everything you have, do not compare it with others, the things in your life that do not have a price are those things that nobody can give you only God, those things start with your feelings with whom you must create health, wealth and harmony, then all creation around you and all the wonderful things you can create to make your life experience a wonderful one.

Pray, then you are already understanding what praying is, and it is very simple, praying is being there. Yes, as simple as that, it is to be there where you want to be, or with what you want to have, or what you want to be, that is praying to be there in that experience as if it were already a reality. You may be wondering what nonsense this is? Well, no, it's not crazy or fantasy, and to finish complicating the explanation I'll tell you that if you didn't know it until now, it's because for a long time you've been doing it unconsciously, that's why maybe you've harvested things that don't taste good, or unwanted experiences in your life, or it may also be that this is the reason why many believe that their prayers do not receive answers, because when they do so they do it from the feeling of lack of what they want and not from the feeling of being or have what you want. Remember that verse, -” Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place” John 18:36. Since many of us have been taught with the wrong information we see like a crazy idea that assuming our wishes as a real thing in the present time is the real prayer. Every time we enter into the feeling or assume something as true, we are praying, it does not matter if that is good or bad for you, it only matters that you accept it as true and let it create a feeling inside you and it will be a matter of time before you can experience it with your five senses. It is the power that we all carry within, hence my insistence with all my participants to be constantly vigilant, to be on guard to pay attention to the conversations they engage in with others, to the words that are said as decrees, and to the feelings that we allow to flourish in our inner being because all of that determines what you will think, feel, say and do every time you have a desire, what you carry inside then becomes the prophecy, so to speak, of what you will experience firsthand. -” But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man” Luke 21:36.

For many it is very easy to wish and accept but for others it is a tremendous mess to accept what they want because their beliefs contradict what they want. And how do we know that their beliefs are not aligned with what they seek? That shows in what we think, what we say to ourselves, what we say out loud and more importantly what we feel when we have a desire, whatever it is in any area of ​​your life. I can assure you how the limiting beliefs of many people make them imagine endless obstacles and immediately conceive a desire in their consciousness, which predisposes them, postponing their ideas or taking actions completely opposite to what they should do to achieve their desires. As a result, what is desired is never achieved and we end up resorting to prayers as a way to seek answers or solutions to what we would like to change or as an obligation to a power outside of ourselves. You must remember that this reality is a mirror of your inner reality and that while in your inner being there is no conviction about what you want, it will never be a reality in your objective world. That conviction is the conviction without the slightest doubt that what you wait for will come, you only wait for the arrival, you do not wait impatiently on how and when it will arrive, think about the day of the week you are in, you already know then what day is tomorrow without place undoubtedly, that's how it is with a desire or goal in your life, you know without a doubt that it will be so, it matters little to your restless and doubtful mind how and when because there is nothing greater than God, and once again remember that he operates in “a kingdom from another place” where this reality that surround you has no power, influence or knowledge. Once again I remind you that the only thing we are doing wrong is that we are unconsciously wasting that power to create more and more discomfort in this world, we just have to stop the mental noise that causes stress and anxiety, we must focus on the good, think , feel, speak and do only what is good for ourselves and for those around us, that all that is good is aligned with what we truly desire. Get away from the news, gossip, criticism, complaints, excuses, envy, egos and fears that are the daily bread of many people and use that time to meditate and "be there" where your desires are, meditation is a way direct and fast to be in and feel your desire, you just have to quiet your mind, take it away from this world and imagine that you are there with what you want so much, let your imagination run wild and enjoy everything you see and feel while you do it, and that power that operates in secret will reward you in public, Matthew 6:6. On another occasion we will talk about the power of “being there”.

Participating in a prayer, religious activity or Sunday service aimed at a specific and conditioned belief about a God, we do it often and many times out of habit, tradition, obligation, guilt or simply an absent need for true faith, and it is part of acting of thousands of people, even if they do not have the slightest idea of ​​the Law of the true God. But something completely different is to harmonize and express success and happiness through consciously created thought and feeling. Every time you harmonize what you want with what you believe, you are placing yourself in the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of good ideas and powerful beliefs. Remember that this realm absolutely does not need the assistance or condition of what we call logic and reality. To do it consciously is to pray just as Christ does. The ideas of prosperity, health, abundance, love, are the basis of everything you can imagine and feel for yourself as well as for everyone else. You must not leave aside the golden rule: "do not feel that they do to another what you would not like them to do to you, and do not feel that they do to you what you would not do to another". Starting from there you can create through your imagination everything you want and feel it yours, then thank God for having answered your prayer, that is praying as simple as ordering something from your home. The challenge lies in the fact that ordering from home is something common that almost never fails, but praying through the imaginary act is completely unknown to most people because we have not been educated and instructed in how to do it consciously because although we do not know it, we have always done it subconsciously, there is the difference, difficult to assimilate for many people, although that does not interfere at all with the fact that this type of command is the most effective and the one that NEVER fails. You are constantly ordering in the universal frequency, you are always placing your energy either in well-being or discomfort, again I repeat, most of the time you may not realize it and you come to imagine and feel everything that falls into your ears creating impressions in your inner being, those that one day will be real and palpable expressions! You are doing it all the time, absolutely all the time, hence, being unaware of it, we also ask ourselves with astonishment and ignorance why many things happen to us, without knowing that we ourselves somehow prayed for them to happen, when? What? Well, every time you let unpleasant things inside you and feed them with the constant thought and fear that they were going to happen to you. And although you can deny that this was your intention, you should know that fearing something is taken as an act from what you fear, that is, fear creates endless thoughts and emotions that make you situate yourself in the reality of what you fear.

For example, if a person fears being fired from a job and lets that idea in to the point where other ideas create more negative thoughts and emotions - how will I pay the rent, how will I make ends meet, how will I have money for my needs, etc.-, these ideas leave impressions on the subconscious mind to the point that the person lives as if that were already a reality, anxiety, despair, fear, stress arrive, and the person inevitably receives everything that he previously allowed to impress his interior so that later it would be expressed in what we call reality. And although it is unknown to that person if his dismissal was for the best, all the energy he carries by letting the negative feeling invade him, becomes energy that inevitably conditions him to feel worse about what happened and makes him unable in trusting God to give him something much better than his old job. He is powerless over the idea of ​​creating such an impression that he looks and feels himself in a new job earning three times what he did before. Rather he puts himself at the opposite pole, imagining that life is hard and that good jobs are not for him and that he probably will soon be in another stressful job, and you know what? he will be absolutely right because that is his prayer that he definitely believes with all his might.

You know? I can assure you, my friend, that conscious prayer is full of love, and unconscious prayer is full of fear. Love makes you feel safe, optimistic, at peace and with the complete certainty that everything good always comes, in due time and perfectly, regardless of the reality of the five senses. John 8:23, “And Jesus said to them: You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world”. That phrase contains a meaning that millions of people are missing. The five senses tend to give you a reality from which you think you cannot escape, and you live anchored and slaved to everything you see and hear. What we should see and hear we always have in a second plane, for when it is the second option, without ironically realizing that it is from him that all things come, what kind of believers claim to know of faith? When in fact they are unaware of the conscious use and its true origin.

Dear reader, I hope you take a few minutes and meditate if you are praying at all times in a conscious way and directed to all the good that God has for you and for all those around you, any questions or comments to add please share it.

Your mentor, Noel.

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