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It is the way in which the spirit evolves and expresses itself. The infinite essence of who we really are. It interferes with the way in which we look at and understand what happens around us, reaching conclusions and assumptions about what we understand about those situations, this being in most people a job carried out automatically by the conscience that they themselves sustain about themselves, others and the world in general. It can be measured when we perform everyday tasks, face challenges, relate to others, enjoy both simple and extraordinary things. On many occasions it happens that we believe that certain external activities or actions help us to grow in spirit, certainly not always so, on the contrary, many people appear in public what they themselves are not, they believe they perform acts that please some God but at the same time on the end, they carry a bitter taste by reaping unwanted fruits in many areas of their lives. The spirit is strengthened from the inside out. Meditation, time alone with yourself, the patience with which we treat ourselves and others, the harmony with which we permeate each task we perform, the communication we maintain with the Creator, the way we pray, the courage and attitude we sustain in the face of external situations beyond our control, the assumptions we make about all creation, the judgment with which we impose our opinion, the ease with which we acquire something we desire, the care and reverence we give to our inner being , the learning acquired in each experience and the gratitude emitted both for the great and for the simplest, all of these are characteristics of those who care for and feed their spirituality.

We know happy, positive, calm, optimistic people, who with these and other charms infect their environment with positive energy, we say that person has a happy and optimistic spirit. On the contrary, we also know people who not so pleasantly infect those around them with bad feelings. Therefore, spirituality is the reflection of what your heart is. Is it influenced by personality? You could add, yes and no. Yes, since we label people according to what we perceive of them, we have created behavior parameters to define this or the other, innumerable psychological guides that are continually adapted or modified according to the new order of those who believe they know about the human behavior. Because very rarely we know how to discern between what they think they are, what they want to pretend to be, and what they really are. And no, because most of them unconsciously keep secret what they often don’t even know about their own definition of what they are and what they would like to be, thus trying to appear to be what they think others would like to see in them, or, carrying out actions, which many times they classify as sacrifices, in order, according to them, to please a God who takes pity on those less fortunate. All of this is the product of not knowing who we really are, we allow the misconception of others about our true identity to become and identify with what we believe to be, thus we forge a fictitious personality, which sooner or later gives up by not knowing how to integrate through spirit the necessary understanding to make this life a pleasant experience and at the same time detached from all objectivity. Personality and spirituality, the first limited that is sustained only by the reality understood under the magnifying glass of the five senses and the other unlimited which creates that reality from the invisible field to your five senses. Hence the behavior that repels and tries to defend against everything we consider a threat, leading a number of personal states that end up drifting these forms of personality, completely covering our spiritual dimension, leading us to live in insolation spiritual with each other, although deeply with each other we are essentially identical in spirit. Well, spirituality is only important to you, it is your business where you keep your spirit, it does not depend on anyone else but you. In short words, it is within you and nowhere else. Where you are is the most sacred place for who you really are. What you assume to be is solely and exclusively your decision, in the same way it is for everyone around you. You have in your hands the decision to abort those personal labels and be reborn in spirit to what you want to be. You can condemn and bury the unpleasant situation and shelter in the invisible the desire that supplants what you dislike. By understanding the above, we also understand that each being similar to you is responsible and free to be what they want to be and from that assumption projects the treatment to others, that is, consciously or unconsciously looking at their environment of the same way it assumes to be.

Until we wake up and direct our consciousness through the spirit towards what we want, we will not be able to change those situations that make us uncomfortable. This could be difficult to assimilate especially when others hurt, insult or attack us in any way, since it takes a lot of strength to remember in those moments that what they have decided to be they see it reflected in those with whom they relate. I wanted to clarify the above because it is important that you remember that the spirit exists transcending time and space. It may be that your challenges or personal labels have time and space in objective reality, but on the spiritual level this does not exist unless you give your approval by assuming that it does. When you assume that you are, for example, a person with bad memory, then you are projecting through present time and space that you are, and in the future you will be enslaved to not remembering many things because you have transcended from now on in the assumption of being someone who rarely remembers important things. In the same way your spirit transcends with what you assume to be through repetitions. Although it may seem like fiction, you should know that you give approval to every situation you pick up, good or bad, you do it when you consciously or unconsciously assume an idea as a fact. Any idea that you repeat and can feel as a reality will one day be the objective birth of what you think about. All this is done in the spiritual field, we travel in time and space starring in what for now is only an idea, but when we feel it and accept it, approval is given for its realization. If today you are not who you want to be, if you receive the treatment that you do not want to receive, if you reap fruits that you do not want to reap, then it is the immediate present time to start tuning in with what you want to be and turn your attention away from what you want to be. dislikes, keep thoughts and feelings in what you want. At first it can be a difficult task if you are one of those who have never consciously delved into internal power, but you will see that it is the most efficient and joyful habit to carry out. If you think that you must do things to prove that you are what until now is just a wish, you are wrong. What you must do is be the spirit of what you want. If you want to know or study something in particular, you must use actions such as reading, going to classes, doing research projects, visiting places where what you want to know or study is demonstrated, etc. But if you want to be something more than what you are, then your job is to become the feeling of what you want. Only then will you raise your spirit to the level of your desire, reaching the present feeling of being what you would like to be. Feeling to be all the good that you want,

and think is good. There is no limit, no prejudices or superstitions in what others say is pure or not. You just have to remember that what you sow you reap, what you feel for yourself must be the same as what you want and feel for everyone else. Elevate your spirit assuming all the good things for you and for anyone around you. Try to visualize within yourself the version of what you want to be, the version of what others close to you would like to be, and you will see how the desired changes begin to gain strength towards each goal that you set for yourself. Practice compassion and patience with every person you meet, don’t forget that especially with you. Remember that behind each unwanted act or behavior hides a wonderful being, equal in spirit and essence to what you and all of us are. Each one of us at some point sheds the veil of unconsciousness to rise to the spiritual level where everything is harmony and joy, that is the field of evolution of the spirit, where everything flows without resistance and without the fear of giving with all dedication, always directed to the common good of divine creation. When gossip, shouting, scandalous meetings, the need to surround yourself with “friends”, the external search for a being more powerful than you, the news, scandalous music, the environment of overcrowded cities, the arguments to be right , mistreatment in any form, addictions, fear and stress, false worries, when all that loses strength and interest in you it is because your spirit has begun to take the reins of your path. Strengthen it with meditation, any activity to be here and now, moments alone, relaxing music, happy companies, acts of service to bring good feelings to others in which you also feel very good, surround yourself with nature, good eating habits , good reading, non-destructive creative conversations, physical activities that are carried out happily, moments to thank and visualize all the good things in the same way for you and others. Dear reader, in the same way that you care for and feed your physical body, which is only a limited existence, in the same way and even more you should feed and strengthen your spirit, since it is unlimited and immortal. The spirit, being a similarity of the divine, does not require further external action, but it does require meditation being in this immediate present, you must close the door and tune in with it in complete surrender with joy and gratitude. Enjoy your journey!

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