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The Power of your Decisions

Decisions, it's something we talk about very often. Enough importance has been given in how to make a decision. Perhaps we do not always analyze that every decision we make has a consequence, brings with it a consequence, whether good or bad. In our educational environment, both in homes and educational centers and even religious centers, we are taught what is good and what is bad, based on that and through the interpretation of other people about what is good and bad, we try to expose how we should decide. It matters little if these people act consciously or unconsciously, because they believe in what a social group qualifies as bad or good, whether it is a religious, political or cultural group. I can say without mistake that in my experience, we are often educated to decide in one way, it is what it is, it has been this way: life, job, love, wealth, relationships, health, environment, religion, friends, whatever is involved in your existence has already a condition, its conditioned to be in a certain way, period! If there is something we feel is not right, or we would like to change or improve, it become very hard to find the way and make the right decisions based on what we've been taught. Some people they struggle a lot trying to understand some circumstances they are going through; they look outside in the reality going from one step to another without experience what they would like to. There is no room for analysis or discussion of how did I bring these experiences into my life? What are those feelings and thoughts present in me all the time? Am I aware of them? Or, what if I am making a decision out of fear of something? Is this decision what makes me feel good and brings me closer to who I want to be? I could list many questions that come to the minds of those who at times think that making a decision requires much more than interpretations and customs of those who teach us. In my case and in my environment, the decisions were assimilated based on the external, based on beliefs about what we see only, based on established ideologies and patterns of behavior, often based on fear and ignorance. I have realized through a long time that there are thousands of people who share the same experience.

It is a broad topic to talk about decisions, this time I want to focus on the way we do it and if we really consider the consequences of each decision, how could we know if we are deciding for our own good and that of those around us?

First of all, you must draw a line between what you have come to believe about who you are and what you truly are. This essential step that I carry out with my students makes them see the abysmal difference between coming to believe something out of pure habit or obligation and coming to know the truth. In my topics of personal and spiritual development, the knowledge that brings us closer to who we really are is of the utmost importance, because only in this way we can understand the importance of knowing how to decide. Knowing how to decide with the heart is one of the greatest virtues that God allows us to do.

Therefore, we must: 1) know how to decide what we accept as truth, 2) know how to decide what we listen to and what not, 3) know how to decide which thoughts suit us and which ones do not,

4) know how to decide which feelings keep us attentive* and which keep us absent*, 5) know how to decide how we act, for better or for worse? If we could understand the power that resides in each one of us, we would also understand the harm of making decisions based on everything that does not please God. Why the importance of all those internal decisions? Very simply, those decisions will bear fruit to the person that you become, the person that you are, and that person will make decisions in his life based on what he really believes he is.

1) Knowing how to decide what we accept as truth; I can start by asking you: what is truth for you?... Is what your five senses experience? Well, no, that's not true, that has a cause, it started in something much more powerful than your five senses. There is a unique truth by which everything is manifested in our lives. God has finished his work and only he has been the creator, you only choose in which part of creation you participate, hence the importance of knowing how to decide. I will give you a more concrete clue, read and meditate carefully on this biblical quote, John 18: 33-38, " 33 Then Pilate went back into the praetorium, and called Jesus and said to him: Are you the King of the Jews? 34 Jesus replied, do you say this yourself, or have others told you about me? 35 Pilate replied, Am I a Jew? Your nation, and the chief priests, have handed you over to me. What have you done? 36 Jesus answered: My kingdom is not of this world; if my kingdom were of this world, my servants would fight so that I would not be handed over to the Jews; But my kingdom is not from here. 37 Then Pilate said to him, Are you then a king? Jesus answered: You say that I am a king. I was born for this, and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice. 38 Pilate said to him: What is truth?

Which voice do you hear?... That to which you listen: is it the truth that you want to experience? whatever experience you want to overcome in your life. Or are you one of those who leave and accept what is true for others?

Again, I ask you, what is true for you? Every decision should start with what we truly want to be in life. This simple question becomes a tremendous mess when you really have to answer, and even more complicated when you come to the understanding that you are the creator of your existence, because God has created everything and you only co-create what you experience, or whether you take part in one or several threads that sustain everything that exists, you do that when you are what you experience for having believed not for having desired, because many wish but very few believe. John 20:29, "...blessed are those who believe without having seen." So, what is the truth that you believe? Is that truth in tune with what you want to be? The truth that we must believe has no kingdom in this world, it is not dictated by your five logical senses and full of analytical assumptions. The only truth lies deep within your beliefs and deciding what those beliefs are is the most important job that you can do.

2) Knowing how to decide what you listen to, once you have consciously decided and know what you truly want to be, and starting from the knowledge that the only truth is to believe that you already are what you want to be, then the most convenient thing would be for you to know how to decide what you listen to, because everything you pay attention to should be in accordance with what you already are. You can hear many things and turn a deaf ear and listen only to what brings you peace, harmony and happiness that complement what you already think you are. Pretty simple, right? At first it may not be because many minds have the habit of leaning towards the negative, towards what causes fear, this can bring questions that call into question your only truth, therefore the importance of being attentive and awake of what comes into your mind, Mathew 24:42-44, “42 “Therefore keep awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord will come. 43 But understand this: If a homeowner knew what time of night the thief was coming, he would stay awake so he wouldn't let him break in. 44 That is why you too must be prepared, because the Son of man will come when you least expect him.” Be prepared all the time to keep your spirit untouchable and absent of all the things that threaten your desires. Do not let fear and doubt enter your mind, they will create destruction and discomfort between your desires and feelings. Decide from today to pay attention to everything that makes you feel good, to everything that brings peace, love and abundance in all fields of your life and that of those around you. Nothing is impossible for him, persevere and you will see that being attentive and aware is a habit that God has given you.

3) Knowing how to decide which thoughts are convenient and which are not, negative thoughts are like those gossipy and fearful people, they only bring bad news and things that matter little or nothing to those who are focused and develop what they really want, so it is best to ignore! Only by being attentive can they be detected. You cannot argue with a fool because you could fall prey to his foolishness, Proverbs 26:4-5, ”4 Never answer a fool according to his foolishness, lest you also be like him.5 Respond to a fool as he deserves his folly, lest he consider himself wise in his own opinion.” The way we think is also a habit, it is one of the strongest and as such it also requires a lot of perseverance, you must persevere in vigil and be attentive to those negative thoughts of all kinds whose only intention is to distract you from what you have decided to believe, yes If you are attentive, you will realize that many of these thoughts of discomfort are just that: thoughts and nothing more! And yet they manage to distract many minds to lead them down tortuous paths full of discord and discomfort, and you know what? If you are not attentive you get to experience what they propose. Decide to stay awake and be ready to recognize those harmful thoughts only in that way you will be able to ignore them in time. When you immediately recognize those "uninvited" guests, you must then invite those who are sympathetic to you. Create yourself thoughts that fill you with good feelings, such as for example: gratitude, love, health, abundance, prosperity, compassion, happiness, enthusiasm, creativity, enjoyment, joy, security, peace, hope, trust, in short, everything that feeds the inner being that has awakened in you. Decide to be attentive, be strong and brave to close the door to unwanted thoughts, you just have to ignore, when you notice that a thought is not in harmony with your inner being, you must then direct your attention to think about everything that makes you feel good. I recommend having a list of everything for which you are grateful, it is a great help to quiet your mind at times when you have a hard time thinking positively.

4) Knowing how to decide which feelings keep us attentive* and which keep us absent*. Once you know that the external reality begins with what is internally accepted as truth, then you must decide what you listen to, what is really convenient to listen to and what is convenient to let pass. Then you fine-tune your way of thinking. I remind you again that our way of thinking is perhaps the strongest of habits, therefore it is very likely that it will require a lot of perseverance when you seek to fine-tune your thoughts according to what you want to be. Pure desire is the highest generator of perseverance, if you really want to be what you want to be, you will be vigilant not to allow one or more thoughts to drag you where you do not want to go. Perseverance my friend has been the secret of those who succeed, persevere and you will see that your mind will then be a faithful servant and will do the work without you often realizing it. Well, let's go to the feeling, it is striking to observe many people say what they don't feel, it's true that it has happened to all of us. Sometimes it even causes a knot in the stomach when we say something that we really don't feel. When we lie out of commitment, not to look bad, not to make others feel bad, or simply because we mistakenly do not want to feel guilty later, we come to say things that make us look good to others even if that make us feel bad... What about what we feel when we want or desire something? When you ask for what you want, what do you feel? Have you paid attention to what you feel? Where is your attention at that moment, in what you want or in doubt and fear because you think that your prayer will hardly be answered? Or it may happen to us like thousands of people, when they ask or pray, they do so with complete ignorance of what they are feeling at that moment. That is how the ignorance of what they are feeling is just as equal as what they receive will be from their ignorance, because what really counts is where you place your feeling when you make your wish. To make it simple, a very good example is when you order something online, a pair of shoes that you like, while ordering you are visualizing how you would look like with them on, you may even go into details and add to your imagination what clothes would look good with that pair of sneakers, when and where you will wear them and even your friends complement about it. Once you close the order you rest assured that your order will be delivered to your door. Would be crazy to choose the wrong size and put an unknown address, right? Well, the divine power works in our lives in the same way, with a clear and immutable law: as it is inside, so it is outside. Cause and effect, you may have already heard or read about it. This is impersonal and does not enter into arguments with you to make you see that what you feel is not in affinity with what you ask for. It doesn't matter what you say when your feeling is different and it matters a lot what you feel when you talk about what you want, because what only matters is how and what you feel, do you understand?... Well, whether unconsciously or consciously the person is attentive to what he feels, he will always receive what is identified with his feelings, because these are the reflection of what he believes, and what he believes is what is planted and collected. Galatians 6:7, -"Do not deceive yourselves; God cannot be mocked: for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." A feeling predominates when it has a belief that supports it, if you find it difficult to believe in something or you do not believe it at all, it is impossible for you to feel good about that something. Therefore, the predominant feeling is discomfort and so the fruits that are collected are not to be liked. You can see how the greatest of requests lies in the feeling, there can be no discrepancy between what you believe, think, feel and say, if there is, then the request is neither clear nor effective. Keep in mind something very important, the reality that your five senses speak of is of zero importance to your inner being which exercises the power to harmonize beliefs, thoughts and feelings, especially when we seek the renewal of experiences.

Remember that this kingdom to which your spirit belongs is not of this world. It is true that millions of people deceptively choose without realizing that external reality is the only truth and thus end up transmitting that information to their inner world, which cares little if it is true or false, the only thing that matters is if you really believe, whatever it is. Therefore, their lives become a recycling of the same thing: they experience discomfort, they believe for many reasons that it is very difficult to overcome, with their full attention in that they allow themselves to be carried away by thoughts and feelings aligned with that discomfort, those thoughts and feelings go to your internal power, sowing limiting beliefs, then they produce bitter fruits and these manifest more of the same, with different experiences but with identical results, and all this happens while the person asks and asks for what they want to acquire or transform, without paying attention to what they feel.

You are already understanding the power of what you feel while you want something. The power of keeping the attention that your request has been answered causes a feeling of certainty and relief, because when the time is right, the grace and the will of God will make visible what you can believe without having seen. The most careful work is in your internal or invisible world, it is the sphere of feeling, nothing matters more than what you feel, have you perhaps noticed that in any area of ​​your life gifts or experiences are little compared to what you really feel, so imagine how powerful a feeling of being what you want can be compared to what you could acquire by being what you want. The feeling of being is the fullness of everything you want to feel, because you become the cause of everything that identifies with what you now are.

Knowing how to decide which tuning predominates in you is the channel that leads your attention to what you consciously want, it is a task solely yours. Just like thoughts, it requires being attentive. It is your choice and remember that it does not depend at all on what your external reality determines. Do you place your attention on what it would feel like to be who you want to be, or do you allow it to wander between doubt and fear absent from the power of God?

5) Know how to decide how we act, for good or for bad? This is the reflection of what already you have imprinted inside yourself. Can you trust so much that when things don't seem to go how would you like, you rest assured in the certainty that God has the perfect plan for everything? Many times, we get lost in unidentified reactions with whom internally we are, that is normal, we have a human part, and we make mistakes. We should even more rectify, learn the lesson and move forward with confidence in what we have internally established, through the four points explained above. Keep in mind that everything what you want to become must carry love as its essence, that is, always there will be justice in what you decide to be, therefore there will be consequences. Every decision inside you will receive its just reward and this will have consequences. Do not look for evil, the dominance, pain, abuse, infamy, violence, slander, contempt, doubt, fear, the power of oppression, negative assumptions about others, because all this leads you to become who you don't want to be. Act with patience and with the conviction that each one has a divine plan, each one is precisely what he internally believes himself to be, each one is in a stage of evolution. When you understand who you really are and the power that resides in you, so only then you are able to return evil with good and hate with love, you act from the spiritual sphere where appearances do not exist, and we only see

similarity in what we are, the only wish for others is what we wish for ourselves. Do not interfere with demands or force your point of view, each one has a way of living, and it is his responsibility to evolve towards good, do not judge. Help selflessly, give without expecting anything in return. Decide to act transmitting the same harmony, patience and perseverance with which you treat yourself. Trust that you are who you want to be and express it to everyone.

In our changing and fast-paced world we can hardly decide what we do and how we do it. External distractions completely deprive us of the most important decisions. If you could take some time daily to follow your hunches you would be surprised at how wise and correct your heart is when deciding, it is rarely wrong, it is always right in what it feels, it is intuitive and can guide you to what you want, but you should know that he uses simplicity and humility. We have dreams that we would like to fulfill but living in a hurry absents us from the necessary moment to imagine and feel what we want. Most people live their lives subject to the decisions of others, all of them without realizing what consequences such decisions face. Attention is easily diverted and focused on what we do not want, unconsciously creating the feeling of doubt and fear. What you don't want can only bring doubt and fear. In my experience I have realized that we live completely absent from what we believe, think, feel and speak. You can observe how everyone around you contemplates and talks about how bad things are, how difficult it is to get ahead, how dangerous the world is, epidemics, accidents, chaos, catastrophes, bad news, and at the same time naively come to temples and religious services in order to obtain what they want, they look outside of them for what they themselves have lost inside, they will look without finding. Decide to harmonize your interior with ideas and thoughts that generate feelings of joy, love and abundance. Whatever idea of ​​God you have conceived, he dwells in you, he is constantly acting through what you believe, think and feel, there is no other salvation. Close the door to everything that displeases you, to the past and to the future. Take your thoughts at this moment to what you want to be, enjoy imagining one and thousands of things of what you could be doing being who you want to be. Take a moment tonight and imagine what you want to be and let your imagination fly, what would you do? How would you get up tomorrow? What things would stop worrying you? What would the people close to you say about it? How would you carry out your daily routine? And above all: what would you say to yourself and what would you say to God?

In my "The power of Dreaming" program we focus as a fundamental point on the power of knowing how to always decide according to our wishes.

Your mentor, Noel.

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