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The kingdom within you

Matthew 5:8 -Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Proverbs 3, 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And do not rely on your own prudence. Acknowledge him in all your ways,

And he will straighten your paths.

Matthew 6:21 - For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Do these biblical quotes seem familiar to you? I'm sure it does. It seems that we still lack the full knowledge and proper application of the power that resides within us. I remember the legend that once I heard of that beggar, exhausted, almost asleep, he rested under a tree, dirty, poorly dressed, bad-looking and to whom a passing king deposited a small bag full of gold coins in his pocket. Sometime later the king passed by that road again and was amazed to see the same beggar lying down and asleep under that tree, the king got furious and getting down from his carriage grabbed that man by the neck and shouted he woke him up, asking him why he was still there, did he not know about the treasure that he had given him long ago? …

Very similar we have in the sacred scriptures the parable of the talents, Matthew 25, 14-30 (please read), the Lord warns that he cuts fruit where he has not sown and picks where he has not scattered. Anyone who doubts or is afraid of their abilities, which are given by God, will be banished from that kingdom, even what little they have will be taken from them, not using the abilities that God has given you has a very, very high price. These stories illustrate very well the daily life of thousands of people, no matter what religious creed they devote to, these people consciously or mostly unconsciously use that power to sow doubt and fear in all fields of their lives. It matters little if in a religious service they know how to behave and take care of what they say, the rest of the time they are directing their attention to doubt and fear, completely denying trust in divine power in their way of speaking, you can observe diary in their conversations, criticisms, complaints, assumptions and unwanted experiences. They abandon themselves completely in what they themselves call their real situation, what their five senses can see and touch is for them all that counts. It truly seems as if all those "believers" were under the effect of hypnosis, since they respond to creeds that cannot truthfully explain the cause of the reality they live in, and then live in that reality alienated from the true reality, a little confused, right?

Within you is the power that knows your talents and knows how to express them according to perfect Divine expression. Remember that you are a free being and as such, whether you consciously or unconsciously choose where you direct your attention, you will also pick up the equivalent of what you pay attention to. When the human being realizes that all of his living is created from within him, then he stops along the way and directs his thoughts and feelings to what he truly desires. He clears his land of weeds. He begins to search where you have never searched before, where that treasure is waiting for you to reveal it and multiply it in value. Jesus tells you that his kingdom is not of this world, and he also asks you to leave everything behind, to deny yourself if you want to follow him. Many dedicate their whole lives to studying and giving many explanations to this message, but very few know the true meaning of denying oneself and taking up the cross to follow Jesus. The kingdom of God is within you, it governs your whole life from there, it is where you plant the seeds of what you have collected, whether they are desired or unwanted fruits. You must do your part to harmonize that kingdom and so it can be called the kingdom of heaven, it is given the attribute of "the heavens" because it was assumed that the sky is a perfect, infinite and majestic manifestation, an inexplicable wonder to look at to the night sky, contemplating that omnipotence was and is something majestic. That term reflects the mystery of something that manifests itself in a wonderful way without us having the slightest knowledge and understanding of how it happens, of its infinite intelligence and harmony to govern each planet and star in perfect harmony, our part is to contemplate and experience that wonder. We must not understand it but live it, we do it with every thought and feeling that we choose to plant, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Thus, in the same way, the kingdom of heaven is called the internal harmony of thoughts and feelings directed solely and exclusively at what you want, and in this way, without being able to explain how things happen, you arrive at the part that touch, which is to contemplate and experience the wonders of God. Your job is not to know the how and when of your desires, but to act from your interior to the exterior as if you were already contemplating the wonders that you expect from God with complete certainty, that is to ask believing that you have received it. Can you reach that feeling? At that moment you experience the kingdom of heaven. Test it with something simple, such as imagining and feeling that you are talking to someone you haven't seen in a long time and would like to say hello, having a coffee through an invitation, taking a trip to a place you miss, savoring a dish that you like, imagining making peace with someone who has upset you, with receiving that call you are waiting for so long, in short, something simple, bring it to your mind and imagine with all your strength, think every detail and the words you would say, relax and let that nice imaginative experience increase your feelings of being there in the middle of your wish fulfilled, then say thank you and continue with what you are doing, in a short time you will be amazed with the result. How many times have you received this kind of wishes? Perhaps your expression was: look, what a coincidence, just last night I was thinking about you, or I called you with my thoughts. When you receive that type of "coincidences" do not take it as something that had to happen, rather be grateful to the Divine Power and marvel at its presence. God in the simplest act of him can manifest things that leave your five senses without explanation. That is why when your desire seems to be something impossible, your five senses get in the way and tell you: What? It's a lot to ask, it's very difficult, stop sounding, that can't be, where are you going to get it, how are you going to acquire it if you don't have anything, etc. Then when you achieve it, you express: I can't believe it, it's a miracle, what luck! Surely it has happened to all of us, and surely everyone has given little credit to the means and power by which such an experience was carried out. I must clarify that many times we can confuse faith with belief. Faith is the complete conviction of what is anticipated, the full certainty of receiving what is desired, completely oblivious to objective reality. Belief is the idea that we have accepted as true even if you don't have proof of it, and by being repeated and accepted that idea already generates a feeling in you. So, what I mean is that you may have the necessary faith to receive your wish and it will be, also you may receive it through a different belief than another person would receive his wishes. The belief that God is a being alien to us and that there is who knows where but in "heaven", is a valid belief for millions of people and thus direct their requests to an alien power, which according to them will know if what they ask is beneficial or not for them, the latter conditioned by more beliefs, these people when receiving their wish have not done it because that being heard their prayers, but because they did it with a true faith, perhaps a faith supported by that belief or in many others but in the end it was faith that produced the miracle, regardless of what belief it was based on, because that Divine Power looks at the heart of each person, and there in the heart is reflected the feeling of conception of each desire by the power of God, as well as It may be that this conception is the reflection of doubt or fear about never receiving what is desired, for that is the way it will be. For example, someone may believe that wearing a medal of their favorite saint they can pass a very difficult college test, another student may also pass that test and believe that it was thanks to the extra hours of study he had the night before. Before the test, both students reached the tranquility that they would feel if they managed to pass the test, they reached the internal peace of the wish already fulfilled, in this case the good grade of the test. That is faith in action, regardless of the belief they hold, because what counts is having the conviction of being able to achieve it, that is, of being there with your achievement accomplished, it is that tendency or inclination that brings joy and peace, rarely easy to explain. The feeling of having it already is for some people a crazy thing just by thinking about it. Perhaps many students have done the same thing of carrying or doing something that gives them the belief of winning, but very few have reached with faith the feeling of success before its objective realization. That is why I insist so much with my students on the revision of beliefs, in the majority of the limiting beliefs have reached the limiting feeling, and therefore the achievements are also very limiting even if it is about winning with powerful beliefs, because you should know that if the doubt and fear generated by a limiting belief are present, then faith is weakened so much that it does not reach harmony with desire and we end up acquiring what we feared so much, because fear is as powerful as faith, now you understand better. When I refer to beliefs, I do not do so based on religious beliefs, but on what we truly accept as true, both about ourselves, others and the world in general. In this extensive list of beliefs, of course, the idea that we have of God and his kingdom is included, in my experience that idea, which is a belief in most of us, has become the door that separates millions of people from everything they want, because they consider to the depths of their being that God is someone alien to themselves and that probably much of what happens has no explanation and much of what they want is not approved by that God. And while the gospel message is clear and simple, it has been manipulated in such a way that we have come to believe ideas that are totally opposite of what the biblical authors wanted us to know.

When we wake up and act consciously of what we truly are, we will begin to be very careful with our thoughts and words, where we direct our attention and, above all, what feelings are planted in what we call "heaven". When you can harmonize your desires with your feelings you will realize that everything is within you, the most sacred is within you.

You control the Power of God with your focus, you already know that that power does not understand or need your objective reality to create anything you want, it only needs your attention and feeling from what you want as if you had already received it.

Your mentor, Noel.

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