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The desire inside you.

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

I want to share the experience of one of my students. To maintain her privacy, I will call her Ana. I must first clarify that in the lectures I give to my students, I always ask for their consent when it comes to delving into topics that we consider beliefs that we must respect, this is the case of religious beliefs. As a personal and spiritual mentor, my goal is to clarify and replace any belief that is limiting the development of the person, be it religious, personal, social, moral, or the environment in which one lives. Well, there is no doubt that in the Hispanic culture, from which I have accumulated many experiences, religious beliefs are so linked to the existence of thousands of people, that it could be said that more than ninety percent of the experiences, situations, desires, achievements, attempts and goals go through the filter of religious beliefs. -What if this will be good in the eyes of God? What if the other desire is against the kingdom of heaven? What if God will know if it suits me or not? Do I sacrifice according to this or another religion to receive what I ask? According to the faith that I have been taught, do I think I am a person who lacks faith, and therefore I will not receive what I have prayed for..., etc. I've heard it hundreds of times, the worst thing is that you can feel how that person is convinced of those beliefs, whether or not he realizes how good or bad they are in his life, or if it's really true or not. It is always conditioning almost everything based on something that it does not meditate on, or analyze, much less question it, because that also leads to the belief that doubting that belief is a "sin", that is what has been taught in my family generation after generation, and surely it is, say the majority. Again, I repeat, it is a belief, and a belief is to accept something as true without the slightest question. The serious situation is that certain beliefs deprive us of who we truly are, and once we do not know who we are, we come to believe everything that others say, involuntarily without realizing that it may be something that is against what we want, then we question and blame everyone around us for this or that that didn't turn out the way we wanted, ignoring that everything that happens to us in life has gone through the archive of what we believe about ourselves, about others and about the world in which we live. It is true that many times what we have come to believe can be the work of others, those in which we put more trust than we should, but we always have the correct information at hand to overcome those beliefs.

Well, Ana had experienced a crisis of anxiety and a lot of stress. Her objectives and goals demanded a lot of work, and they took a lot of time out of the day to do one thing and another. She always tried to encompass and cover whatever she thought was necessary to keep up with her priority list. Being so focused on achieving her desires had taken a heavy toll on her, anxiety and stress. Curiously, she came to suffer a collective symptom among people who do not lay their foundations in true faith, this symptom is that no matter how hard they tried and persecuted things, it seemed to them sometimes that it would be almost impossible to see their dreams come true.

She came to question if it would all be worth it, if that way of life was really what she wanted. It is that feeling inside us that puts us in a bad mood, that sometimes we do not want to talk to anyone, even deprives us of basic needs such as food, rest, fun and time with loved ones. According to medical reports, anxiety and stress are among the number one causes of all physical and mental ailments that human beings face today. It is clear that this is so, an existence built and focused solely on its exterior without prior internal harmony can lead not only to the loss of its objectives but also to the loss of its existence, you can observe the situations of many people and you will realize that running after things is bringing discomfort and suffering. In the latter there is a great law very well explained in the sacred scriptures, but very poorly understood by millions. Many of the biblical passages that you have heard hundreds of times refer to the importance of conceiving within yourself each desire as a gift already given by God, it is to "become pregnant" with that desired state and from there, think, feel, speak and to act as if you were with him today in paradise, is the happiness of those who can believe without having seen. Which is nothing like the thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of millions of people existing at this time in the world. How can this be possible if the biblical message is clear and true? The answer is very simple, we are focused where we should not be, we have been misinformed about the truth and this has consequences that attract anxiety, doubt and fear.

Someone had suggested to Ana that she hold a talk with me about the importance of harmonizing our interior, since this person had already carried out several activities on my topics and they had been very useful. Well, Ana was interested in carrying out activities which consist of conferences and readings in which I explain and give tasks to follow to align our ideas and beliefs, to base each goal on the right feeling that can be maintained even when things do not go as we want, because the important thing is to maintain harmony and tranquility that everything that happens is part of the Divine plan, we should not question or doubt its power, much less try to impose a situation just because the ego and fear are not in agreement. agree and so decide.

Matthew 11:23, -Truly I tell you, whoever says to this mountain, ``Get down and throw yourself into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be granted to him. Many times these mountains represent the challenges and obstacles that seem to try to spoil our plans or desires, but they should not have any force because the creator has given you the power to order under the name of Jesus Christ that they be dissolved and disappear from your path, more of course it could not be explained to us, but we have made a mess with that verse that there are people who actually think that having faith is moving a real mountain and thus they always remain powerless before God. If you have complete security in the feeling of having what you want, then it will be given to you, hence every action you take you do from trust in the Divine power and in nothing else. Therefore, you have the power to tune in with your goals even when they are only desires in your heart, because God operates in the field outside of our five senses, that is why performing tasks focusing only on what the five senses dictate can lead to accumulate doubt and fear, because your five senses belong to reality or rather to the effect of the causes, they can hardly detect the causes and therefore the run runs after one or another solution is the only thing that calls their attention . But until you detect the cause of what you experience you will not be able to really change the experience, you will be able to change the situation, but the experience will be similar to what you do not like. That cause is lodged in the depths of your being whether you have voluntarily or involuntarily deposited it there.

Matthew 16:25-26, -because whoever wants to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. For what will man gain if he wins the whole world, and loses his soul? Or what reward will man give for his soul? - This passage is clear in defining the foolishness of having and having without first being, the ordinary man seeks to win the world by obtaining fruits that are alien to the tree that he believes he is. In comparison it is equal to looking for fruits among the undergrowth, which can produce more than what it is aware of being, that is why it loses all its essence, its soul, because in its foolish search to please its five senses with its empty inner being, it wastes all his time and harmony. The important thing is who you become to receive what you want; what person do you think you are if you had already received what you want? Can you imagine who you have become?

Proverbs 1: 32-33., For the diversion of the ignorant will kill them, and the prosperity of the foolish will spoil them; But whoever hears me will dwell safely and live in peace, without fear of evil.

There are several biblical passages in which we are warned about fear, either of evil or the doubt of not acquiring what we want to be, I repeat, to have, one must be. Fear generates a feeling as strong as faith, only fear is almost like the certainty that something bad is going to happen, this generates a negative faith, a predisposition that what we do not want will happen, living focused in that way ends up manifesting unpleasant situations. The assumed feeling, whatever it may be, is always stronger than your five senses, because that feeling is in the sphere of causes, that is, it precedes your five senses that are in the sphere of effect, or what you call reality. Something similar was the case of Ana, although she was doing everything in her external world that she considered necessary to achieve her goals, she had the feeling of doubt and fear, in one thing and the other, she came to think, feel, speak and act that way, with negative phrases, with complaints and fears.

At some point, Ana was able to hear that little voice that told her that something was not right, that she had forgotten something and if she did not go back and correct it, her life would continue to be a basket of stressful situations. She was able to understand the importance of tuning in to the desired state, tuning in to who she wanted to be, and visualizing her life from that perspective. Trust in the Divine Power and know how to pronounce the words that will show that her faith can move mountains. Align and take care that her thoughts, feelings, words and actions are in harmony with her wishes. It is not a fairy tale, the reality that matter is the internal reality. Then everything else will be given to you in addition. Although Ana still continues with my activities and conferences, every day her list of things that she is grateful for increases more and more, she is more intuitive because she has known how to be attentive to her feelings and direct them to what she wants. Her life is calmer, and she enjoys both work and study as well as her days off. She has told me that she feels like a different person, she feels like she is someone she wanted to be, in this way she has attracted opportunities that have amazed her so much that she often shares it with me. In fact, at this time that I am writing this article, I do so because a short time ago she had shared a very personal anecdote with me, about a wish fulfilled under the power of assuming and listening only to the savior that we carry within, the desire of who we want to be.

This past Sunday I received an email from Ana, it was the gospel of that day, Luke 10: 38-42, 38 While he was on his way with his disciples, Jesus entered a village, and a woman named Martha received him in the house of the. 39 She had a sister named Mary who sat at the Lord's feet listening to what he said. 40 Martha, for her part, felt overwhelmed because she had so much to do. So, she went up to him and said, "Lord, don't you care that my sister has left me serving alone?" Tell her to help me! 41 “Martha, Martha,” Jesus replied, “you are restless and worried about many things, 42 but only one is necessary. Mary has chosen the best, and no one will take it away from her.

At the end of the email, she wrote to me, “everything is possible for those who trust in him”.

She has learned the importance of knowing how to understand the biblical message and apply it to the play that rolls in our minds every day. In that biblical passage it is very well explained that external tasks matter little or nothing if you have not yet known how to listen to the voice (assume your desire in the present state) of your only savior.

Your mentor, Noel.

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