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Spiritual Silence

In my work as a mentor, I must emphasize internal silence among my students, which is even more important than the silence that we often desire so much in our environment. Well, this inner silence is the anchor to connect with discernment, which is characteristic of a disciplined mind, to see clearly beyond appearances. It is that internal tranquility that is achieved by “silence” our mind of everything that is not in harmony with our desires. Think for a moment how many things come and go in your mind which are not good servants of your desires. Very few people realize the “noise” that their minds carry day after day, that incessant racket of negative thoughts that can be just as or probably much more damaging than external noise. They alter your blood pressure, raise cortisol levels, create anxiety, fear, stress, unnecessary worries, general illness. These thoughts or ideas that an undisciplined mind allows to enter thanks to external influence, are nothing more than malefactors that come to steal internal harmony, once you lose that harmony you are exposed to manifest experiences in accordance with who rules within you, in this case, discomfort is in charge and therefore only more discomfort can be manifested. We can be in a completely silent room, far from the city, completely alone, and yet the mind can be as stunned by thoughts as one exposed to the noise of a noisy city.

I have realized that there is very little importance that we give to this mental “scandal”, even more, for many people that way of thinking is so normal that it has already become a very difficult habit to change. This happens because of the little importance that our educational and social environment gives to the need to be aware of what we think and feel throughout the day. There is no education in schools or in many religious temples to know how to direct our internal power towards what we want based on who we really are. We are taught many things and we read books that probably will be replaced by new ideas over time. Even more, the art of keeping and directing a disciplined mind to what we desire is absent from our educational and religious system. Therefore, from a very young age we lose the magic of imagining and feeling how easily an innocent being, a child, does. We easily allow the constant bombardment of news, criticism, complaints and rumors to enter our consciousness and leave their impression on it, they sow the seed of everything that we try so hard to avoid, but that we precisely come to pick up sooner or later, the effect cannot anticipate cause. An undisciplined mind is unable to achieve the silence that your inner being needs to manifest all the good that it deserves. That noise that causes internal restlessness is the barrier that often separates us from seeing our wishes come true. It is not so much the negative thoughts, doubt and fear, but the enormous attention we give them, because we are constantly fed to do so. If before each thought of discomfort (doubt or fear) we could be attentive to what suits us to think and feel, then we would eliminate that thought by replacing it with one that fills us with joy and relief. Furthermore, most people don’t even know that all of this is what truly creates reality. How then would they know the importance of quietly listening to their inner self? The biblical quote Matthew 6:6, — But you, when you pray, go into your room, and shut the door, pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you in public. It is known by thousands but understood by very few. Hardly one in a hundred can pray and keep the “door closed” …, then the wise men of the world and the external reality is the anchor of millions of people, therefore they are not able to close that door and stay in the desired room.

Internal silence as a method of those who trust in the Divine Power, becomes their refuge every time worries, afflictions, fears, disagreements and doubts attack the minds of millions, curiously every day it seems to increase more and more among those who prefer to be in this world. Matthew 14:28–31, — Then Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the waters. And he said: Come. And Peter getting down from the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus. But seeing the strong wind, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried out, saying: Lord, save me! Immediately Jesus, stretching out his hand, seized him, and said to him: Man of little faith! Why did you hesitate? This passage reveals that many times we doubt the power of desire itself, we allow external factors to rob us of confidence and the certainty that desire is a gift from God, and we begin to sink into the “sea” of fear and uncertainty doubt. It is very easy to declare being a believer, but from there to seizing the feeling of being one, an abyss separates us that very few dare to cross. If we only practice bringing our mind to silence and observing each thought with absolute indifference, we will be able to discern among all the guests which ones we want to host and which ones we don’t. It is the habit of knowing how to choose while being aware of who we really are, stripping ourselves of any belief that makes us think that God and his kingdom are outside our own being, because it would be useless to emphasize the importance of harmonizing your interior when you think that reality it is in the hands of others, in the opinion of an external power absent from our conscience, which decides for us what is appropriate and what is not, thinking that way is as wrong as it is dangerous, since you give power to doubt and fear, which represent the greatest evil for your internal power. Look around you and you will be able to verify the truth.

Meditation becomes the fort to take our mind to that silence, remember that the importance of that silence comes when you realize that every thought can leave a seed or can be ignored, you just have to be attentive based on who you want to be and from there act mentally as if you already were, from there you can choose with which thoughts you direct your attention towards that desire, and those that do not help you simply ignore them. A meditation is recommended at least twice a day. Meditation is the act of being in the here and now, disconnecting from what we call reality, absenting ourselves from all unpleasant feelings and connecting with peace, harmony and detachment. Everything that makes you exist in the here and now is therefore a form of meditation, it can be yoga, dancing, singing, walking in the forest, playing the piano, listening to your favorite song, relaxing in silence sitting or lying down, painting, cook, travel, in short, everything that frees you from disturbances and fears, and as far as possible ignore unwanted thoughts and create thoughts related to your desires. You must persevere, your way of thinking is the strongest habit, therefore you must train, train and train until your mind accepts the new order. A few recommendations for daily meditation:

  • Get away from all negative sources, news, television, negative people, gossip, criticism, disturbing noise, etc.

  • If it is night, deprive yourself of artificial light for as long as possible before doing the meditation.

  • Avoid certain drinks in excess such as coffee, alcohol, sweet drinks, instead consume more water. Maintain a healthy diet low in carbohydrates and sugars.

  • You must create a gratitude list, all those things that you thank God, add three things to the list each day, before meditating read them out loud.

  • Keep your joyful desires in the present tense, secret between you and God.

  • Affirm through your favorite prayer or a phrase, the absolute confidence in the Divine Power.

  • It ends with the feeling of thanks to God.

Every time you can throughout the day contemplate around you and meditate on: - Have I decided and behaved based on who I want to be? According to what I want to give and receive. - What is really important to me? - What brings me peace and tranquility? - Am I doing that which brings me the peace that I desire, what is stopping me from doing it? - Do I surround myself with like-minded people who I want to be? - Is my attention directed toward the present fulfillment of my desires? - What I do in my free time, brings me closer to what I really want? - Do I close my ears to everything that does not bring me peace and joy? - Do I reaffirm throughout the day my absolute and unconditional trust in the Divine Power? Dear reader, I wish you can maintain inner silence as the link between you and the Divine, that silence can place you in a state of absolute indifference, so that you can tune in with all that is good in God’s creation.

Your mentor, Noel.

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