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Doing the Will of God.

Matthew 7, 21. -Not everyone who says to me: Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. We must first open our hearts to the truth of the biblical message to then be able to understand the message itself. If we have the wrong concept of who God is and where that God is, then of course we will also have the wrong understanding of the truth. From there, countless ideologies have been derived, and as much information has been published that seems to lead more to an internal disharmony than to the knowledge of that truth in the human being. Millions of people understand that to do the will of Heavenly Father is to behave in the way that their creed authorizes, so we can see countless experiences of how people go through life considering this bad and this good, and another person considers this good and this bad. They judge, criticize and condemn the behavior of others constantly, because they are all subject to what their common creed orders according to the idea they have of God, even they feel bad for doing something that is considered “sin”, they drag guilt and internal conflicts a lifetime for having, according to them, done or desired something against that God. A clear example happens with the conflict that many people conceive internally when they want to acquire wealth or material goods, or when they suffer in a conflictive relationship, or when they want better health or standard of living. They act under that programming, without the slightest question of whether they are right or wrong, unpleasant situations may be happening one after another, and yet they continue to believe in the wrong idea of ​​God, without even questioning, because we are beings of habits and customs , and as obvious as it may seem to have a wrong concept that does not lead us to the desired feeling or the manifestation of our desires, we continue to cling to that idea because we are afraid to trust in our own power, in the Christ that dwells in us, that it has been his promise to be in us forever, many continue in their beliefs for fear of the insecurity that we believe we can feel by not belonging to certain groups. Clearly for not receiving adequate instructions on how God can manifest any desire of his children. We are afraid to live the life we ​​deserve as we wish, because somehow, we have accepted the idea that in lack and suffering there is some divine virtue. All this has its good side but also its very bad side. It is true that we must treat ourselves and others with desires and acts that only fill us and express joy and happiness, both in thought, word and deed. Always with the rule of treating others as we would like to be treated and treating ourselves as we treat our best friend. And of course, also watch or be attentive that others express only what brings harmony and joy to their lives and those around them. But from there to come to consider that the will of the Heavenly Father is that you accept from certain doctrines their idea of God and apply it to your daily life, could create an abyss that man himself has created, the power of your conscience is the greater of the powers because it comes from God, if we do not know how to use it, it can become the greatest of our enemies. The only thing that God asks of you is that you always be in harmony, return hate with love, violence with peace, that you see in each person the image beyond appearances of what you yourself are, a drop of the infinite Divine Power. More than a mandate it is a Law, you must remember that life is the business of giving and receiving, what you give you receive sooner or later, what is sown is reaped, as clear and real as the law of gravity. You must do your job of thinking, feeling, speaking and acting only what is good, only what is in accordance with Jesus Christ, who becomes the fruit of the love of the divine, the love of God, the essence present in the spirit of everything good you want, from there observe and be attentive to others doing the same. You must not judge or condemn anyone, you may have to keep your distance from people who still do not understand, and therefore express discomfort for themselves and their environment, but your work is always the same, use your thought and feeling to see those people expressing only what manifests all the good that God has created. To desire the good is to feel health instead of illness, abundance instead of poverty, love instead of hate, understanding instead of rejection, affection instead of contempt, respect instead of criticism, well-being instead of worries, wisdom instead of ignorance, peace instead of violence, discernment instead of doubt, courage instead of fear, and from there I repeat: think, feel, speak and act according to that quality. If you take a moment and look at the positive and negative qualities that I just mentioned, you will realize that the positive belongs to your spirit, to the core feeling of the good that you want, to the love of God, and all the negative qualities belong to your five senses, to the reality in which many have fallen for not acting consciously with the power that has been granted to them. Because God is love and because you are a spiritual being constantly tested to express that divine love, do you understand? So, what is doing the will of God? Doing the will of the Heavenly Father is much more difficult or complex than knowing how to behave well, it goes far beyond the understanding of many doctrines. The idea of ​​sin, of good and bad that we have been taught is not even close yet to what Jesus Christ calls us to do. We must first remember that God is within us. The kingdom of heaven where the Heavenly Father reigns is within us, Luke 17:21, - nor will they say: Lo here, or lo there; for behold, the kingdom of God is within (within, should be the proper word) you. Maintaining the idea that God is somewhere far away from us is like giving our power to the hands of others, it is giving that power and our attention to a non-existent being by which we become a mess of indecisions and contradictions. That if this will be good, that if it suits me, that if sacrifice, that if penance, that guilt, that God communicates with the holiest, that I don’t deserve it, that the kingdom of heaven after death, in short, a number of erroneous ideas that, if not changed, we will not be able to conceive in our conscience the will of the true God. It will seem confusing to you to assimilate that God has created both good and bad, and how can this be true? Very simple, you are the creator or better said co-creator of all your experiences, because all creation has been finished, you choose where your attention is, you do it every time you feel and focus on a certain experience, it does not matter if you are aware of it or not. It seems that we agree that of all the “bad” things that can happen to us, death is the only thing that has no solution. Being a spiritual being it is impossible for death to be the end, therefore everything we experience is neither good nor bad, it is simply what we are aware of being, I repeat whether you realize it or not. The difference is in Divine Love, you must know that Divine Love reflects and manifests in your being, only what you become by being or having each desire that makes your soul evolve towards a better version of yourself, that makes you understand that your only salvation to transform your desires into reality lies in the awareness of what you are. You cannot forget for any moment that you can experience anything you want, but you must be aware that this desire is for the harmonious evolution of you and those around you. For it is not the desire itself that determines your evolution but the person you become when you acquire that desire. It is the essence of what you consciously are, not what you have in yourself, but who you really are. You must understand that your declaration of what you are is your condemnation or your salvation. And, from then on, think, feel, speak and act according to what you think you are, …, do you understand? Let’s see, a person can have the desire to acquire economic abundance, and it is granted. Money is not classified as good or bad, it is simply a means and as such you must know how to use it and how to relate to it, know how to express yourself well and have the wisdom to use it. It is like using a bridge, a bridge that you carry to get to better places, to cross abysses and get where you want, it is true that you would never treat that bridge badly, nor would you condemn it, nor would you speak ill of it, nor would you deny it in front of others. Well, then be careful how you express yourself. In this case that person becomes someone by manifesting his desire for wealth. Therefore, what he comes to express of what he believes to be is what determines whether his desire brings evolution or perdition to his soul. Knowing that we can place ourselves in the good or in the bad through the conception of what we believe we are, that conception that we all come to harbor without any proof of objective reality, then the wisest thing would be to place our feeling, our spirit in all those qualities described above that identify with everything that brings joy, happiness and evolution to your true being. The one who manages to place himself consciously in the feeling of what he wants and from there thinks, feels, speaks and acts, according to the acceptance of that desire, would never ever leave that state because he knows that it is his only salvation that sooner or later it will reveal in reality what in that state it conceived, sheltered, fed and gave birth to. Every experience reveals a conception. To do the will of God according to the love that he has for us, we must act consciously and define exactly what kind of people we want to be and from there desire all the good that God has created, health, abundance, love, wisdom, understanding, well-being, peace, in short, everything that is the fruit of that Divine Love. Once internally, without the help of objective reality, we want to be a new-better version of ourselves. Then we must forget, we bury that awareness of what we were and that brought us unpleasant experiences, to conceive of being the tree that will produce the fruits that we desire. (John 3:3, — Jesus answered and said to him, Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God). Then we can according to that loving desire do the will of the Heavenly Father, that will is to think, feel, speak and act as the person we would be if that desire were already real at this moment. Regardless of what your five senses tell you, remember that this version of reality that you dislike so much or that you want to change so much, becomes the version that has died, the buried version, from this moment on you have been “born” from again, you will be a witness in the invisible and visible of the power of the kingdom of God, only now consciously towards what you really want. This requires “closing” the door and keeping secret with the feeling of being there in what you want. You might be thinking that it is not easy, throughout the day you will realize that it is not easy, but let me tell you something, that I want you to meditate on: we are always doing it, only that most of the time we do not realize that we are doing it, even more we do not realize that we are doing it against what we consciously wish, for example when we watch the news and reach the fear and feeling of a bad event, what would happen if it happens to me or to a loved one? …, when we listen to other people’s concerns and say to ourselves, — I am also worried about that situation! What am I going to do, what will become of my family…, when a plague threatens the world, we come to accept as our own the deterioration of health just by hearing that others are experiencing it… We are always being obedient to one of the two states, discomfort or well-being. Of course, it seems that we are more obedient to the will of discomfort than to that of well-being. In the sacred scriptures there is a phrase that shows a great truth when it comes to being faithful to what is good, to the Christ who dwells in us, John 8: 23–24, -You are from here below -continued Jesus-; I’m from up there. You are of this world; I am not of this world. That is why I have told you that you will die in your sins, for if you do not believe that I am who I claim to be, you will die in your sins-. Your conscience and spirit of what you really are is not of this world, that of course we should have, then declaring yourself a follower of Jesus Christ would mean believing without a doubt that he is who he says he is, believing in who he says he is would also mean expressing everything may it fill with joy and happiness every desire you have, because otherwise we would be following those of this world (our five senses), we must decide, we cannot serve two masters at the same time. If we seek to get what we want by following the will of discomfort, we will die in our sins, because each attempt to do the will of discomfort will lead to another discomfort, and so on and so on. This happens because discomfort does not feed on what is good, discomfort feeds on doubt and fear, which are of this world, will never be able to follow Jesus Christ to the kingdom of heaven. I will give you a very simple example: you go to the market and buy a handful of seeds without seeing the kind of seeds, and without questioning for a moment if they are the seeds you want, all you want is to eat apples, sow those seeds and continue with your life. When harvest time arrives, you realize that when you cut the fruit you do not have an apple in your hand, but you have a lemon. What are you doing? What do most people do? Curse? Blame others? Question God? Lament their bad luck? Blame the world situation? Blame those they don’t like? their current situation? that someone would do? Or, even worse, would you try to correct the situation from what your five senses and the wise men of the world say? What would those five senses and the wise men of the world do? Very simple, reverse the process by force, with solutions and suggestions that please your five senses only, but not your inner self. In this case they cut all the lemons and instead placed flowers from an apple tree on the lemon tree. You know what happened… that tree will never, ever produce the desired fruit. In each attempt to produce apples, it will die, it will fail, because its essence can never be changed, unless its master or it is you, go and plant the correct seeds in its place, starting the process from the sowing in the dark of the earth, which in its perfect moment will produce the desired fruit. The same happens with those who in their objective reality try to reverse the unwanted situation, as desperate they will run from one place to another and will take one and a thousand solutions, all visible, they will faint in their attempts. Only he who can truly “sow” in the invisible and follow the will of that sowing, of that certainty of what is not seen for now, will be able to see the wonders of the kingdom of God. Without faith it is impossible to please God, likewise faith is also characteristic of those who do the will of God, think, feel, speak and act giving the best of yourself with the internal conception that you are already what you so much want to be, but who for now remains invisible in the hidden dimension of God’s power, living in total indifference to everything in the external world that is not in harmony with that desire, moving forward with the joy of the one who has received his gift. Following your path confident that the will of the father is that you know and feel that what you have decided to be and have is on the way without a doubt and fear that it will be so. Decide who you really want to be, bury your old version and be born again. In this new birth, obey with all the strength of your heart the feeling you experience as the tree that produces the fruits you want, whatever the area in which you want those fruits: love, health, abundance, professionalism, social relations, family, spirit. In this way we do the will of God, because he wants to give you everything you want. But if we do not follow that will, then we are obeying the will of doubt and fear, the will of discomfort, and in each attempt to acquire a desire we will be exposed to sacrifice and constant struggle, which generates high levels of stress and anxiety, which millions of people are going through, generating irreparable wear and tear both physically and mentally, and in many cases, they risk reaping the unwanted fruit. We can see and hear it daily, hundreds and hundreds of unpleasant experiences, ironically turning the human being against himself, others or even God.

- Can you claim to be who you want to be right now? Can you already be the tree that will bear the fruit-desires that you long to be and have? - Is it easy then to do the will of the Heavenly Father? What do you think?

Your mentor, Noel.

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