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Faith and Fear

  • 40días
  • 1paso


You will learn the importance and the conscious difference of both vibrations. You will also discover how both fear and faith are not always based on what your five senses observe, most of the time whether having faith or feeling fear depends solely and exclusively on your inner being. Learning how to handle both powers is the key to harmony and inner joy. A being full of faith and impervious to fear will receive more and more of the good. This program consists of four classes, ten days between each. I invite you to conduct an interview at no cost to inform yourself. On my blog you can read my introduction to this program. You have been well told that faith can move mountains, but fear can also move mountains. You decide from your inner being what state you are in, regardless of what happens in your environment, the decision is yours and you must do it from within, from the power that lives in you and that awaits your command. Do not fear because everything is possible for those who believe and have faith.

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