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Visualizations and Affirmations This program is aimed at the internal dialogue that we maintain with ourselves. Did you know that many times we say things to ourselves that we would never say to anyone else? We are constantly giving orders to our inner being, many of them consciously you would not say, but we realize it very late. Your internal dialogue is the most important of all your conversations, do it with harmony. The introduction of this program will be an hour and a half class in which I will explain about our internal conversation, which is to be aware of it and the danger of not being. Your inner power follows your thoughts with feelings and you must know that this power does not need your five senses to manifest any desire, be it something pleasant or unpleasant. When you apply the golden rule in your life, you can receive everything else from it in addition. We will use biblical quotes that emphasize from a spiritual point of view the concept of God within us, and as such you are the one who directs that power to co-create or destroy everything already established. Your documents will be sent by email once the first class has taken place.

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