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Who You Truly Are?

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I could start this little presentation with questions like: what is the assumption you have about yourself? about your abilities? about your desires? are they possible? What stands between you and what you want to be or have? What is the most important step you think you should take when you want something? In this class we relate the relationship between what we call reality and consciousness of being: I AM. From a non-visible perspective we can create and feel and then manifest. I recommend an interview with me before signing up for this class. In my blog section you can read the introduction on this topic. Each one of us has, so to speak, a DNA in our spirit, internally we are something or someone. Many people try through many means to be or have what they feel they lack, and it is that until we change the feeling of scarcity we will not be able to manifest through unknown and unexpected means what we so much want to be or have.

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